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Luiza Furtado, born in 1999 at Florianópolis-SC ,Brasil. Works between Rio de Janeiro and Vienna. 

+(43) 676 6212978 | 



2021/2025  Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Contextual Painting Studio, Prof Alice Creischer and Andreas Siekmann

2016/2021  PUC, Rio de Janeiro, Prof Claudia Kayat - BA in Industrial Design


Performances and Exhibtions

2023  “Colligated Arteries” House of Inciting Passion - Vienna Art Week. Mural and Installation

2023  “Miradores de la Viuda: Viscosities of Mourning” MARKK - Hamburg. Collective intervention

2023  “Entering the Web” Parallel Vienna. Performance and Intervention

2023  “Santa Maria Parafina” MOM Art Space - Hamburg. Collective exhibition

2023  “Patchwork” Young Curators Club - Vienna. Collective exhibition 

2023  “Sextilles” Garage Grande - Vienna. Collective Exhibition

2023  “Darkness Project” Prater woods - Vienna. Collective exhibition

2023  “Water Lilly Growing” Wasserturm - Vienna. Collective exhibition

2023  “Rock, Paper, Scissors” AAA Collections Gallery - Vienna. Collective exhibition

2023  “Fragments as Casts for a Dystopic City” BCMA Gallery - Berlin. Collective exhibition

2023  “The sea room” Gemalde Galerie, AKBILD - Vienna. Collective performance

2022  “Homesick Festival” by Michikazu Matsune, Das Weisse Haus - Vienna. Performance

2022  “Sede Ossea” House of Losign Control - Vienna Art Week. Performance

2022  “Agulha e Memoria” Alfred Institute - Tel Aviv. Performance

2022  “The School of Mountains and Water” by Amanda Pina, TQW - Vienna. ´Performance

2022  “What are you looking at” Exhibit Eschenbachgasse - Vienna. Collective exhibition

2022  “Archeology of Whispers” U.B AKBILD - Vienna. Collective performance

2022  “Contextual painting class” Parallel Vienna. Collective exhibition

2022  “Hyper R” Never at home -  Vienna. Collective exhibition

2022  “April fools show” - Vienna. Collective exhibition

2022  “Coluna” SKINS Festival, Dschungel Wien - Vienna. Performance

2021  “Como não subir uma escada” Paço Imperial - Rio de Janeiro. Collective Exhibition

2021  “Crosta” colaboration with Roberta Lima at Charim Factory - Vienna Art Week. Performance

2021  “Stitching Workshop” invitation by Roberta Lima Queer Way, Das Weisse Haus - Vienna.

2021  “June video of the month” Das Weisse Haus - Vienna. Video Performance

2021  “RAVC” Residency Program by Bienal Black Brazil, UDELAR. Menthor

2021  “Outside in Festival” The Coronet Theatre - London. Video Performance

2021  “Inside out program” The Coronet Theatre - London. Video Performance

2021  “Cascas” Rio de Janeiro. Collective exhibition. 

2021  “Operar n(o) caos” Casa Escada Colorida -  Rio de Janeiro. Residency program

2020  “Arte sem Fronteiras” Bienal Black Brazil. Collective exhibition

2020  “Protagonismo, Sororidade e Empoderamento” São Paulo. Collective exhibition

2019  “Bicho”, Casa Bicho - Rio de Janeiro. Collective exhibition

2019  “Interseções Poéticas” Rio de Janeiro. Collective exhibition

2019  “Corpo Serpente”, Galpão Ladeira das Artes - Rio de Janeiro. Collective exhibition

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