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Captura da

Performance by Luiza Furtado, Giovanna Furtado and Gabriella Costa.

Teia is a video performance also developed as collateral of my research within birth. In 2020 I drew my conclusion thesis on postpartum depression and its prevention within body movement or stimuli. This project allowed me to fabulate different natures of gestation through a prothetic perspective.

The present work sewed the bodies of my mother and sister onto my own through symbolic umbilical cords. Generationally, it allows us to reflect on tensions, traumas and create new power configurations between those performers. The idea is to invoke an atmosphere for visceral communication, using dance instead of words.

The triple overall is a device to gestate mature bodies outside of the uterus. It is a cocoon to search for shared pain, revealing it. It comes across as ritualistic practice.

Year 2021, Camera by Vinicius Freire.

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