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Luiza Furtado was born in Florianopolis, Brazil (1999). She lived in Rio de Janeiro where she received her Design BA from PUC in 2021. Since two years she moved to Austria for her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.


Furtado's research on intuitive dance weaves painting, soft sculpture and audiovisual media. Creating cloth capsules for symbolic rituals of empowerment and care. Her work is based on prosthetic experimentations with upcycling through a queerfeminist perspective. Resulting in bulging spawns suggestive of metaphorical haptics and sensuality. 


The optimization inscribed in the process of transforming found materials relates to a prosthetic quality of the artist´s costume designs that gradually morphed into textile sculptures. As upcycling is defined by the reuse of discarded material to create objects of higher quality or value than the original. Her body of work unfolds as axiomatic fictions which approach ecology through the embodiment of poetry.

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