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Luiza Furtado born in Florianopolis, Brazil. Lives and works between Rio de Janeiro and Vienna. BA. in Industrial Design by PUC-Rio and part of the Contextual Painting class, Academy of fines Arts Vienna. She combines painting, sewing and audio-visual to research intuitive dance and costume creation as empowerment practices. Her performative work is based on prosthetic experimentations with upcycled-textile craft.


2022, performed live "Sede Óssea" at Vienna Art Week, at "Homesick festival" by Das Weisse Haus and Michikazu Matsune, “Coluna”at SKINS Festival at Museums Quartier Wien, “ Agulha e Memória” at Alfred Institute in Tel Aviv - Israel. And danced at “The School of Mountains and Water” by Amanda Pinã, Tanz Quartier Wien. Participated in the following collective Exhibitions: ”What are you Looking at?” Exhibit Eschenbachgasse, “Archeology of Whispers” U.B Academy of fine arts Vienna,  “RXRTDI” at Parallel Vienna, “Hyper R.” at Never at Home, “April Fools Show” at private space, “Como subir não uma escada” at Paço Imperial, Rio de Janeiro. 


2021, presented her video performances "Casca" at Inside Out Program, and “Casulo” at Outside In Festival by The Coronet Theatre London. “Cascas” study group, “Poéticas” Residency at Casa Escada Colorida. Worked as Mentor at “RAVC” - international web residency program by Black Brazil Art, Universidad de la República Uruguay and Colectivo de Estudios Afrolatinoamericanos. Screened “Casulo” as Video of the Month at Das Weisse Haus. And “Crosta” live performance at Vienna Art Week in the framework of Roberta Lima´s Bright exhibition. 


2020, she participated in the “Arte sem Fronteiras” Bienal Black, “Possible Futures” Residency at Largo das Artes, "Fabrica de Ratoeiras” study group, and "Female Protagonism: Sorority and Empowerment" collective exhibition + documentary.


2019, collective shows "Corpo Serpente," "Bicho," "Femme Alma Fala," and "Intersecções Poéticas". Painted “Portal”solo mural in Porto Maravilha, Rio de Janeiro.


In 2018 Ble gallery hosted her first solo show with independent curatorship. Shows her works since 2016 in group exhibitions curated by gallery Úmida.

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