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Julia Golldenzon is a Brazilian Fashion Designer based in Rio de Janeiro.

She is known for handmade bride dresses

and elegant pret-a-porter collections.

This collection was hand painted using my production of bio pigments from hibiscus, curcuma and spirulina.

Avle is a Brazilian Fashion Brand directed by

Valentine Britto. Based in Belo Horizonte, its

signature is the use of bright colours. In this collection we colaborated to create hand painted hot pants with a rising summer essence.

Mr Cat is a internationaly knowed Brazilian Shoe Brand. As an activation for their Carnaval

collection in 2019, i was invited to paint live elements for buyers on their special launch. 

Cicero is a Brazilian Brand Specialized in Print & Planning material. As a guest for their project @DAVEZ i designed a series of four booklets with autoral paintings.

Genesis is a Start Up development nucleus filliated to PUC-Rio University, Brazil. As an activation for the "womens month" on the national calendar i was invited to propose a live painting on site.